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Sacred Sativa


Find the natural balance in your body through a powerful ancient remedy only recently unleashed for popular use. Soothe body aches and pain. Heal dry and irritated skin.

Because you deserve to feel your best.



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Buddha’s Chest Rub

Relieve chest congestion from colds and flu, sore muscles and stress. All natural blend containing peppermint eucalyptus, plantain leaf and CBD enriched hemp oil. Petroleum free.


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Phoenix Balm

The special skin healing blend was created for sensitive skin, eczema, psoriasis and skin conditions caused by autoimmune diseases. All natural blend containing carrot seed oil, calendula, lavender, chamomile and CBD. Transform and heal your skin the natural way.


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Title TBD

Description to come.


Out secret is...

raw organic coconut oil infused with cannabis (CBD). Together with ingredients such as shea butter, lavender, and peppermint, this salve can be used for an array of ailments.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Sacred Salve is the best thing I've used for any aches and pains! Whether its period cramps, sore feet from working or my carpal tunnel in my wrists, I rub some of this healing salve on, and know I'll feel better in minutes.

— Valery

“Sacred Salve is an amazing product! I have been suffering from psoriasis for almost all my life, visited many dermatologist and was prescribed various topical and even oral medication with no improvement, much less a cure. When I was introduced to Sacred Salve, I thought, why not? I’ve tried everything else! To my amazement, the results were remarkable. I have been using it for approximately 6 months now but saw an astonishing improvement within the first 3 months. It has worked so well, clearing up my skin, to the point where it hasn’t flared up since. I’m ever so grateful for this product.”

— Mrs. X. Molina

“All I wanted was one night of laying down with no coughing. I used the Buddha rub on my chest, neck and behind the ears where I felt the raspiness. I just woke up and realized that I had not coughed all night!

— Nellie

“I have really bad arthritis in my foot. Last weekend, I had a flare up. It was so bad I couldn't walk on it! I decided to use my magical CBD salve. Within minutes I felt better!! I put it on for a few days after, and now it's as if my foot has never hurt before. AMAZING!!!!! This stuff totally saved me!“

— Sharony